Welcome to MCHS Choir Info!  MCHS Choirs are Concert Choir, Treble Choir, Mixed Choir, Women's Chorale, Varsity & JV Madrigals, Jazz Transit and Essence Choir.

The MCHS Choirs are directed by Mr. Randy Benware.  Please come and support our participants whenever possible and enjoy their performances!  

January 2017 Choir Newsletter

Good evening MCHS Choir families,
Attached below is our Jan. 2017 Choir newsletter.  In this attachment includes:
Director's January Podium
Choir Booster Announcements
Essence Schedule-Updated
Jazz Transit Schedule-Updated
Senior Moments
Choir event pictures
Looking forward to seeing you at our Choir Booster meeting Tues. Jan. 24th and our MidWinter concert Thurs. Feb. 16th!  
Thanks so much!  Have a nice week!
Randy Benware
Director of MCHS Choirs

pdf icon January-2017-Choir-newsletter-2.pdf

Welcome back, Upcoming and a couple changes!

Good afternoon MCHS Choir families,
Well, it is just about time to get back to school, so I hope you have had a restful and enjoyable holidays!
I wanted to send this e-mail out with a couple of upcoming changes and reminder for your schedules.  Our January Choir newsletter will also be sent out in a few days so be looking for that:
Our Incoming Freshman Night at South Campus (which both Madrigal groups will be singing at from 6:30-7pm) is now being held on Tues. Jan. 17th (not Wed. Jan. 18th).  Varsity and JV Madrigal singers should report with their attire by 5:45pm to Room 135 at South to get dressed in their performing attire. 

Due to this Incoming Freshman date change, we will be moving our January Choir Booster meeting to the following Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 7pm to be held in the Career Center.  Thank you of making the change in your calendar.
All 4 groups will begin rehearsing starting Tues. Jan. 10th after school (Jazz Transit and Essence schedules are attached here).
We are going to need to switch 2 days of rehearsal (Ts. 1/17 and Wed. 1/18) as JV and Varsity Mads were to rehearse Wed. 1/18 to ready the groups perform on Incoming Freshman night.  Here would be the rehearsal changes (they are slight):
Tues. Jan. 17 JV Mads & Varsity Mads. 3:05-3:35/Essence & Jazz Transit 3:35-4:15    JV and Vars. Mads call time 5:45pm at South for Incoming Freshman Night
Wed. Jan. 18  Jazz Transit only 3:05-4:15  No Varsity Madrigal rehearsal now
Musical times for this upcoming week:
Monday 1/9 6:20-Cast Meeting-PAC 7:30-9:00-Blocking on PAC stage
Tuesday 1/10 5:30-6:30-Vocals; 6:30-7:15-Parent meeting-PAC; 7:30-8:30-Vocals
Wed. 1/11  6:15-8:40 Rehearsal/Blocking-PAC
Thurs. 1/12  6:15-9:00 Rehearsal/Blocking-PAC 
Mon. 1/16  12pm-5pm Choreography-PAC (Day off school!) (exact times to be handed out Mon. 1/9)
Tues. 1/17 No rehearsal-Incoming Freshman night
Wed. 1/18 Vocal Rehearsals 5:45-8:30 Choir Room (exact times to be handed out Mon. 1/9)
Thanks so much choir families!  Looking forward to a great second semester with your sons and daughters!
Randy Benware

xls icon ESSENCE-2017-SCHEDULE.xls
xls icon JAZZ-TRANSIT-2017-SCHEDULE.xls

Change in Chaperone Meeting date

Good afternoon Choir tour chaperones,
I hope everyone has had a really great holidays and is ready to have their sons and daughters head back to school!
Due to the change with the Choir Booster meeting and that Incoming Freshman night is being held on Tuesday, Jan. 17th, I will need to change the date of our Chaperone meeting that was to be held at 8:15pm on the 17th to Tues. Jan. 24th at 8:15pm in the Choir Room.  I know this is a date change and that this may prose a problem for some to be there, but please make it a priority to be there.  I apologize for the change and please let me know if you have a conflict.  
This is an important meeting and will last about an hour as we will go through and edit the discipline packet, check out the rooming lists and decide on your chaperone group and discuss chaperone skills.
Other tour items to remember….

1) Chaperones, make sure you have applied for a passport (if you do not have one already).

2) Students & chaperones-we will be signing up for rooms this first week back and should be locked into rooms by the end of January.  You must have paid the first 2 deposits and last $325 payment to join a room!  Please let me know who you would like to room with if yo haven't done so yet!

3) Tour t-shirt contest will occur during Jan.-Feb. We will have the chance to vote for these in March. 

4) Any tour traveler with food allergy or special meal requirements should communicate that to Mr. Benware in the next couple weeks.

5) 2 mandatory tour combined rehearsals will take place-Tues. March 21st from 6:15-7:00pm and Tues. Apr. 18th from 6:15-6:50pm.  Both will take place on the Mandatory tour meeting evening and April Booster meeting evenings.  Students should mark these into their calendars to be at!

6) Tour updates will occur at the Jan. 24th Booster meeting so come hear some needed updates and information!

7) Final tour payment will be due no later that March 1st.  Adjusted final tour amount will be given out once final tour adjustments are made.

Thanks so much!  Have a wonderful week!

Randy Benware

Join Us for the 20th Annual Madrigal Dinners

Join Us for the 20th Annual Madrigal Dinners
(Minooka) – Come to a far away place in a distant time where Joy, Cheer, and Merriment will be henceforth this Yuletide Season at the 20th Annual Madrigal Dinner at MCHS. The MCHS Madrigal Singers, MCHS Choirs and Choir Boosters heartily invite you to attend this festive holiday event. Our gracious hosts, the King and Queen, Tyler Richart and Hannah Cichon, the MCHS Varsity Madrigal Singers under the direction of Sir Randy Benware, the JV Madrigal Singers under the direction of Dame Janis Tischer, our Court Players under the tutelage of Sir Anthony Babich, and our Madrigal Brass under the direction of Sir Tyler White, wish to seek your presence at the Great English Castle of Deep Manor.
The festive performances, along with a sumptuous feast of Wassail, Ribs and Chicken, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Steamed Vegetables, Salad, Rolls, Scrumptious Dessert or even the  Vegetarian, Gluten free or Kid's meal option, will take place on Saturday, December 10th at 6:30pm, and Sunday, December 11th at 1:00pm, in the Great Hall at Minooka Community High School – Central Campus.

Marvel at the antics of the Jester and mingle with our minstrels, the Bard, our Flower Seller, and beware of the Beggars.  Be enchanted by the lilt of the Madrigal Brass and have your every dinner need met by our humble Servers. Our King and Queen extend welcome to all of their loyal friends, landed or not, to join them for this annual yuletide event.  We wish to welcome back to our castle our former Madrigal singer alumni this year for this special 20th-anniversary event. 

The castle gates open one-half of an hour before the festivities begin.  Guests are advised to arrive in good time so as to be seated before the royal processional begins promptly at 6:30 pm on Saturday or 1:00pm on Sunday.  Attire of a Renaissance flavor is always welcomed, but not required.

Please go to the MCHS Choir website at www.mchschoir.org for more information.  For questions about the dinner or to inquire about reservations, please call MCHS at 815-467-2140 ext. 5050 no later than Monday, December 5.  To order your reservations, print one out from the MCHS Choir website, contact a Madrigal singer to fill out a paper reservation or go on the MCHS Web Store to make your payment and choice by Tuesday, December 6th. Reservation cost is $24 for adults, $19 for seniors 65+, $19 for students 13-21 or children who would like to eat a full meal, $14 for children ages 12 and under, and $13 for our former Varsity Madrigal Singers and jesters.  Please bring your receipt with you as your ticket.  Come make the Madrigal Dinner an annual tradition for your Christmas season!


# # #

2016 Madrigal Information

Good evening Madrigal parents,

We are less that two weeks away from our Madrigal Dinner!  Get excited!
Don’t forget…our very important last Madrigal Dinner parents meeting is tomorrow night (Tuesday, November 29th) at 7pm in the Choir Room.  If you have any reservation forms ready to turn in you can give them directly to Joann Maruszak, our Reservation chair.

Also, on the choir website (www.mchschoir.org) will be a Madrigal Dinner section (link) on the choir website where you can find the following:
1) Madrigal Dinner Announcement
2) Madrigal Dinner reservation form
3) Madrigal Dinner alumni letter
4) Madrigal Dinner Meeting Agenda (11-15-16)
5) Madrigal Dinner Checklist
6) Server Info
Feel free to pass any of this information along to people who need it.
We will add other announcements to that page these last couple weeks so that people can look there if needed for any updates.
If you are on Facebook, thank you to those who have passed along the dinner info to your friends and family.  We really appreciate it!
Thanks so much!  See you tomorrow!
Randy Benware


pdf icon 20th-Annual-Madrigal-Dinner-Reservation-Final.pdf
pdf icon 2016-Madrigal-Dinner-Checklist-for-Parents.pdf
pdf icon Mad-Dinner-Announcement-2016.pdf
pdf icon MADRIGAL-DINNER-MEETING-11-15-16.pdf

This week in MCHS Choir craziness!!

Good evening Choir parents and students,
Here is what is happening for this busy week in Choir!  Please take note of what your student is involved in this week:
Mon. 11/14   
1. IMEA 9-10 Honors Choir Practice-Mixed Choir (Zach)
2. Cast Madrigal Dinner Picture 3:30
3. IMEA 9-10 Honors Choir Practice Tenor/Soprano (McGwire/Alana) 5:00-5:30
4. JV Madrigals 3:45-4:30
5. Masque Rehearsal  3:30-5:00 pp, 14-18  (leads w/ lines only)
Tues. 11/15
1. IMEA Sr. Chorus Rehearsal (Concert Choir) D-LUNCH 
2. Server Head Madrigal Picture D-LUNCH
3. IMEA 9-10 Practice during W Chorale (Hannah B.)
4. Varsity Madrigals 3:05-4:30
5. JV Madrigals 3:05-4:15
6. Beggars 4:15-4:30
7. Tour Chaperone Meeting 6pm-CHOIR ROOM
8. Choir Booster Meeting 7pm -CHOIR ROOM (not Career Center)
9. Mandatory Madrigal Parent Meeting-8pm CHOIR ROOM
Wed. 11/16
1. IMEA 9-10 Honors Practice during Mixed Choir 12:45-12:55 (Zach)
2. Pages Madrigal Dinner Picture 3:00pm Choir Room
3. IMEA Sr. Chorus Rehearsal 3:05-4:05 (Tenor/Soprano/Bass)
Thurs. 11/17
1.SPC Choral Festival for Concert Choir (Mandatory) 7:15am-1:20pm (see packet info-FT form due by this morning!)
2. IMEA 9-10 Practice during W Chorale (Hannah/Alana) 2:52-3:00
3. Recorder Ensemble Picture 3:00
4. Madrigal Brass Mad. Dinner Picture 3:05
5. Varsity Madrigals  3:05-4:30
6. Masque Rehearsal 4:30-5:30  (All Varsity Madrigals/Cast-Concert p. 19-21; 2-5)
7.  IMEA parent release submission deadline to be filled out online!
Fri. 11/18
1. IMEA 9-10 Honors Practice during Mixed Choir 12:45-12:55 (Zach)-Fit Robe
IMEA Permission Slips due for ALL participants
2. JV Madrigals 3:05-4:30
3. Varsity Madrigals 3:05-4:30  (IMEA singers-Fit Robes)
4. Madrigal Brass Mad. Dinner Picture 3:05
5. Beggars Practice 4:15-4:30
6. IMEA Sr. Chorus Rehearsal 4:30-5:00pm
Sat. 11/19
1. IMEA Dist. 1 Sr. Music Festival-Elmhurst College 6:30am-Meet in Band Room for Bus-Festival runs from 8am-6pm   9/10 Honors Choir and Sr. Chorus members
2.  Madrigal Dinner Sponsorship forms due!!
Mon. 11/21
1. "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" Musical Meeting-PAC  3:05pm-4:15pm
2. Masque Rehearsal 4:15-5:30pm (All Varsity Madrigals and Cast-All Pages)
Thanks for having your students at ALL these important rehearsals as many of our concerts and festivals are upon us!!
Have a nice week ahead!  See you at the Booster meeting (Choir Room this month) Tuesday night at 7pm!
Mr. Benware


This message originates from Minooka Community High School District #111. It contains information that is confidential or privileged and is intended only for the individual or entity named above. It is prohibited for anyone else to disclose, copy, distribute or use the contents of this message. All personal messages express views solely of the sender, which are not to be attributed to MCHS District #111, and may not be copied or distributed without this disclaimer. If you received this message by mistake, please notify us immediately at 815-521-4017

Spring Choir Tour Chaperone Update

Good morning choir parents,
Thank you for your patience as I know I have needed to let you know about your status for Spring Choir tour chaperones.  I e-mailed Monday last week with no response from the district about the fingerprinting status, so I called the District office and heard back after school yesterday that 3 of the parents fingerprinting had still not been processed and the rest were cleared to go on the tour.  As of this morning, it was down to one, so at this point I would like to assume that all of you will be "good to go" on the trip and hopefully the last name will go through today sometime.
With that in mind, please all of you plan to attend the first tour chaperone meeting on Tuesday night, November 15th in the Choir Room from 6:00-6:45pm before the Choir Booster meeting.  It is important that you attend each chaperone meeting to be able to go on the tour.  Failure to attend the meetings will mean you would not be able to go with us, as we need to go over together rules, logistics, discipline manual, rooming assignments, and such and only have 3 meetings to get it all covered.
Please bring your checkbooks to pay the $175 deposit that is due and then I will have the other payment costs and due dates for you at the meeting. 
Thank you again for your willingness to serve and to go on the tour with our students.   It should be a fascinating and awesome opportunity for our singers and I appreciate the part you will play in it!
If you have any questions, please e-mail me between now and Tuesday.
Thanks so much!  See you then!
Randy Benware

Oct 6th Fall Choral Concert Reminders-PLEASE READ!!

Dear MCHS Choir Parents,

The annual Fall Choral Concert is Thurs. Oct. 6th at 7pm in the Performing Arts Center at Central Campus. Six high school groups, as well as our three feeder junior highs will perform for the sixteenth straight year together and combine in song at the end of the concert
Here are some reminders for the evening:
1.  CALL TIME for MCHS Choir students is:

      a. 6:00pm that night on the PAC stage.  That means ON the stage at 6:00pm, so have them there a bit early (PAC doors open @5:30 for the students to get in).
        b. At 6pm Jr-Highs and HS Choir members will be on stage having their FINALE rehearsal together.  
        c. Before 6:00pm, students may enter any door into the PAC to head on stage. After 6:00pm, all students need to head down the PAC ramp to enter the stage.
        d. PAC Doors should stay locked until 6:40pm. No guests should be allowed in until after 6:40pm.
        e. MCHS Choir Students need to have (per Choir Handbook):
1) Black shoes (guys/girls) and Black socks (guys).           
2) Concert girls need to wear white undergarments.  
3) ALL students should come “clean” to the concert to keep our attire smelling nice!  
4) All students-PLEASE wear deodorant (Re-apply!)
5) DO NOT wear cologne/perfume
6) No extra noticeable jewelry
7) JV Madrigals girls should be wearing black dress pants and black shoes to the concert.
f. Rest of choir members will be changing into performance attire after 6:25pm in the dressing rooms.
g. Concert begins at 7:00pm.  Students are required to sit in their choir seats during the concert.  ALL electronic devices must NOT be in a student’s possession during the concert so they should stay home, locked up or with their parents. Students should stay for the whole concert unless they have a reason and notified me BEFORE Thursday.
2. VOLUNTEERS/HELPERS FOR CONCERT-SCHEDULE (check for your names and times below)
5:15-6:15pm  Set up:  Brenda Cichon, Lisa Burgess, Mr. Benware, students helpers – prepare uniforms, bring to locker rooms, set up student lockers and closets
   –5:30-6:00pm Concert Choir officers and Choir Reps are in charge of being hall monitors during the1/2 hour before the Finale practice:
        Chris Garcia, Zach Mitcheff-PAC Hallway;  Corbyn Holman-End of Music Wing Hallway;   Tyler Richart –end of PAC Hallway (by Small Gym and Bathrooms);  Hannah Cichon-CJH Monitor (Guitar Room); Kathy Patino-MJH Monitor  (Band Room);  Ben Dow-TMS Monitor  (Choir Room); 
Nate Garner-PAC Front Door;   Joceline Delgado, Skye Pinnick-Large Gym Doors; Allie Reader, Emily Marusak-Small Gym Doors & Hallway

 –6:00PM (Choir call time): Back stage dressing room help  
 Brenda Cichon, Lisa Burgess, Johana Richart, Andrew Hargreave, Janis Tischer, Mr. Benware– help students get dressed as needed starting at 6:25pm.
    –Before concert: 6:25-6:40pmChoir Parents
 Nadine Baxter (HEAD-Lobby supervision), Deanne Conterio, Angie Hebrink, Sherry Marvo, Shari Rambow 
Also school ushers are provided- all Ushers should keep concert goers from going into the PAC.  THEY MUST STAY OUT OF PAC UNTIL 6:40pm.  Only open doors between songs or between singing groups during the concert.  Once concert begins, parent ushers should man the door and school ushers should work the middle areas of the PAC (especially Jr-Hi and HS choir area in keeping the "peace"!
    Mr. Benware will let parent ushers and MCHS ushers know when the PAC is clear to enter.  Choir members:  2  students choir officers will also be ushering at the doors.
    –During concertParent Helpers– 
Brenda Cichon, Lisa Burgess, Johana Richart, Andrew Hargreave, Janis Tischer, Activity Director,Dean  
 – Keep kids quiet back stage, help with any costume changes (this concert JV mads ONLY will be changing-keep other students out of dressing rooms).  Make sure to bring a couple programs back with you so you know when they will change and when you can go out to watch.  Feel free to go watch your students sing!
All choirs should go sit down back in their seats unless they are lining up to sing.
 -After concert:
    –Clean up (immediately after last song): 
Brenda Cichon, Lisa Burgess, Johana Richart, Andrew Hargreave,
make sure uniforms are hung properly and organize on rack, return uniforms to choir room. 
     8:30PM CONCERT CHOIR is in charge of Cleaning up the PAC after this concert…ALL in this group must stay until stage/seat area is back to NORMAL!
  -Remember, Backstage helpers, you can leave backstage any time to watch your child, even if no adult is left backstage.  A few minutes won't hurt!  Mrs. Tischer and I and Activity Director will switch off backstage as well.


This is for any parents who are bringing in Baked Items.  We will have 3 tables set up in the lobby for the bake sale items to be put on.  Please bring them in starting at 5:55pm that night of the concert until about 6:30pm.  The items must be listed per student name and marked with a number so that we can keep track of who sells what.  Mrs. Babyak will have a sheet for you to list the items with the student’s name when you arrive.  The Bake Sale will occur at the outset of the choral concert.  Please consider helping at the Bake Sale table.  Please let Molly Babyak know at: mmbabyak@comcast.net  if you can help or are bringing baked goods.  Thanks!

There will be some chairs for parents to sit on in the lobby after 6pm until the auditorium doors open at 6:40pm.  There may be some in the Gym lobby as well if needed.   

We will be collecting water and pop just as you enter just to the left of the PAC door before the concert starts starting at 6:00pm.  Basket donations will be collected in the auditorium lobby prior to the Fall concert as well. There will be a couple parents there to collect all items. You can also sign up to take/make a basket if you haven't done so yet at that time. We have several students not signed up for a basket raffle theme yet. If you have not done so please contact Vanessa Holloway ahead of time and sign up. You can reach Vanessa by email at: vanessa1972@me.com .Thanks!

All students must have rides to and home from the concert. Please ensure that they will be picked up and taken home in a timely fashion. The concert will be over by 8:30pm.
If there is a possibility that your child will not have a ride to these events, please make arrangements ahead of time for a back-up plan.  These concerts are required events (for a grade), and exceptions cannot be made for students who tell me the day of the concert (or the day before or after) that they weren’t able to make it to attend. Please observe the ChoirHandbook for procedures in case there is an emergency and your child is unable to attend.  Thanks so much!

Finally, encourage your students to wear their Black Choir Polos to school on Thursday to promote their concert!!

Our concert should be a wonderful evening of singing and I hope you will be able to come out to our first full performance of the year!  Invite your friends and family!   Thanks to all who are helping to make this a successful evening!

See you then!

Randy Benware
Director of MCHS Choirs


This message originates from Minooka Community High School District #111. It contains information that is confidential or privileged and is intended only for the individual or entity named above. It is prohibited for anyone else to disclose, copy, distribute or use the contents of this message. All personal messages express views solely of the sender, which are not to be attributed to MCHS District #111, and may not be copied or distributed without this disclaimer. If you received this message by mistake, please notify us immediately at 815-521-4017

Spring 2017 Toronto Choir Tour Calendar and payment schedule – APRIL 19-23, 2017

Tues. Aug. 16- Mandatory 2017 Tour Informational Meeting 8pm
Purpose, tentative itinerary, payment schedule, commitment letter, and fundraising discussed
Tues. Sept. 20- Tour commitment letter, medical forms & $100 deposit due to Mr. Benware-Make checks out to MCHS Choir Boosters
Tues. Sept. 20 – 2nd Mandatory Tour Meeting/Chaperone Survey due back
Tues. Oct. 18-Tour updates/Chaperone fingerprinting due 7pm
Fri. Oct. 28-1st Payment due-$75
Tues. Nov. 15- First Chaperone meeting-8:15pm Choir Room
Tues. Dec. 13- 2nd payment due* # of particpants must be exact this day
Tues. Jan. 17- Last day to cancel with full refund
Tues. Jan. 17- Tour Informational meeting/updates(Booster meeting) 7pm
Tues. Jan. 17- Second Chaperone meeting-8:15pm Choir Room
Wed. Feb. 1- Rooming list/# of participants must be exact this day
Wed. Mar. 1- 100% of balance due*
Tues. Mar. 21- Final Mandatory Tour meeting (after Booster meeting) 8pm Choir Room
Tues. Mar. 21- Final chaperone meeting 6pm Choir Room
Wed. Apr. 19- Choir Tour 2017 departs for Toronto after school!
Sun. Apr. 23-Choir returns from tour!

Payment 1 Tues. Sept. 20, 2016 $100 deposit due (for hotel)
Payment 2 Fri. Oct. 28, 2016 $75 deposit due (for bus and venues)
Payment 3 Tues. Dec. 13, 2016 $325 payment due
Payment 4 Wed. Mar. 1, 2017 100% of balance due*

Money to bring: Spending money-Any money taken out of student account for spending money-
TBD by Choir Boosters.

• Amount will fluctuate above or below initial presented cost depending on various factors. Adjusted costs will be presented in a timely fashion.