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The MCHS Choirs are directed by Mr. Randy Benware. Please come and support our participants whenever possible and enjoy their performances!

Essence,Jazz Transit & Musical cancelled for Today; Schedule adjustments-PLEASE NOTE!

Good morning MCHS Choir families,

Due to the weather and the cancellation of school, all after-school activities, meetings, practices, and athletic contests are cancelled for today, Wed. 1/24. 

Parents and students, due to school cancellation today and my being gone at the ILMEA conference starting Thursday morning and being off school today, I was supposed to share curricular choir results with the B-DAY choir members today.  I still had one small section of Mixed Choir girls to audition at the start of 3B today (due to some absences) and then in the middle of 3B during our lunch hour, would be able to finalize roster placements for the 2018-19 school year.   I was to share those results one-on-one with students today but unfortunately, I will have to share those on Monday once I have listened to those girls sing.  
Students would be able to schedule for which choir for 2018-19 on Monday 1/29.  If you really need to know what I have decided so far, feel free to e-mail me and I can give you a pretty good idea of which choir you would be selected for.  If you can wait until Monday, I can share with your students then. Thank you for your flexibility!  A-DAY W. Chorale students were already told on Tuesday in class.
Also, Here is the schedule for the rest of the week and Monday Jan. 29 for Vocal Jazz and lessons:
Wed. Jan. 24 No Essence, Jazz Transit, or Musical rehearsals

Thurs.  Jan 25 (A)- Essence -No Rehearsal (was already on schedule this way)
Freshman Showcase/Children's Theater-3-6pm (check times w/ director)
Musical-arrive for rehearsal in PAC no later than 6:10.  We will start on stage at 6:15.  Here is Thursday's musical schedule: 
6:15-6:45 Run through Act II, Scenes 5-7  pp. 88-102 (these were blocked Mon.)
6:45-7:20 Block Act II Sc. 8-10 pp. 103-118
7:20-8:40 Choreography (Mrs. Beeler shared the schedule for this last night)
Fri. Jan. 26 Teacher's Institute Only Musical Choreography 1-6pm  PAC Stage
Mon. Jan. 29 (B)    Mrs. Kiesewetter-Make-up voice lessons for Wed. 1/24
Essence  NEW (rescheduled from Wed. 1/24) rehearsal 3:00-3:45pm Choir Room
Bellaphonics 3:05-3:30pm CANCELLED 
Vocal Menace 3:45-4:00pm rehearsal (Time change!) Prac. Room
Musical Stage-Run thru Act II Sc. 8-10 before rehearsing Act I Sc. 1-4. 6:15-8:45

Tues. Jan. 30 (A)   Mrs. Hunt-Voice Lessons
Essence  Rehearsal 3:05-4:15pm Choir Room  Solo auditions! 4-4:15
Jazz Transit  Rehearsal 3:00-4:30pm Guitar Room
Musical Vocals 5-6:30 Leads   7:30-9:00 All Cast  (Check schedule for times!)
Musical Choreography-Check your schedule for times to dance!  6-9pm
Wed. Jan. 31 (B) Mrs. Hunt-Voice Lessons
Jazz Transit  Rehearsal 3:00-4:30pm Choir Room
Musical Stage-Rehearse act. A1 Sc. 5-8  6:15-8:30

Thurs. Feb. 1  (A) Mrs. Kiesewetter-Voice lessons 
Essence  Rehearsal 3:05-4:15pm Choir Room  Solo auditions! 4-4:15
Musical Vocals 5-6:00  Leads-(Check schedule for times!)
Musical Stage-Rehearse act. A1 Sc. 9-12  6:15-8:30

Fri. Feb. 2 (B) Mrs. Hunt Make-up voice lessons (for Wed. 1/24)
Mrs. Kiesewetter-Voice lessons
Essence  Rehearsal 3:05-4:30pm Choir Room/Guitar Room  
Jazz Transit  ADDED Rehearsal 3:00-4:30pm Guitar Room/Choir Room
Bellaphonics 4:30-4:50pm (added time!)
Thanks so much for your flexibility!  Stay safe on the roads or stay home today!
Randy Benware


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