Welcome to MCHS Choir Info! MCHS Choirs are Concert Choir, Treble Choir, Mixed Choir, Women's Chorale, Varsity & JV Madrigals, Jazz Transit and Essence Choir.

The MCHS Choirs are directed by Mr. Randy Benware. Please come and support our participants whenever possible and enjoy their performances!

Upcoming Week in Choir-Schedule updates!

Good afternoon MCHS Choir families,

Due to the weather and the cancellation of school Friday, we have made some adjustments to the upcoming weekly schedule for Choir, musical, Vocal Jazz rehearsals and lessons:

Here is the schedule for this week-PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGES:
Mon. Feb. 12 (B)   Mrs. Hunt-Voice Lessons (make-up for Wed. 2/14)
Jazz Transit  NEW Rehearsal 3:05-3:25pm Choir Room(w/mics) (resch. from 2/9)
Essence NEW (rescheduled fromFri. 2/9) rehearsal 3:25-3:45pm Choir Rm.(mics)
Vocal Menace CANCELLED
Musical Choreography times (PAC or Band Room):
3:15-3:45    Anyone NOT with Mr. Benware 
3:45-4:15    WYAA
4:15-4:30    Secrets
4:30-4:45    Love    
4:45-5:30    Tango
5:30-6:15    Full Discl or JAC
Musical Stage Rehearsal6:15-9:15  Act II  Sc. 9-10; Act I Sc. 1-7   PAC
Tues. Feb. 13 (A)   Mrs. Hunt-Voice Lessons
Mrs. Kiesewetter-Make-up voice lessons for Fri. 2/9
Essence Performs during Lunch Hours-Wear Essence Sweatshirt!!
Essence  Rehearsal 3:05-4:30pm Choir/Guitar Room  (w/mics and drums)
Jazz Transit  Rehearsal 3:05-4:30pm Guitar Room (w/mics and drums)
Musical Vocals Gomez 4:45-5:15; ALL Addams Fam. 5-5:15; Pugsley 5-5:30  
NO Evening Musical Rehearsal (Band Concert) 
Wed. Feb. 14 (B) NO LESSONS Concert Dress Rehearsal
Jazz Transit  Rehearsal 3:05-4:30pm PAC Concert Dress Rehearsal (w/drums)
Choreography-Tango 3:30-4:00; But Love 4-4:30; Secrets 4:30-5; WYAA 5-5:30;
Full Disclosure 5:30-6:00   (Band Room)
Musical Stage-Rehearsal –6:15-8:45 Act I Sc. 8-12; Act II Sc. 1-2   PAC
Musical Sneak Peak-NOW at 8:45-9:00pm!  (NEW TIME!) Choir Room

Thurs. Feb. 15  (A) NO LESSONS Concert Dress Rehearsal
Essence  Rehearsal 3:05-4:30pm PAC Concert Dress Rehearsal (w/drums)
NO Evening Musical Rehearsal (Choir Concert) 
MIDWINTER CHOIR CONCERT 7:00pm Start  All Men-6:15pm Call Time; 
All Ladies 6:30pm-Call Time

Fri. Feb. 16 (B) Mrs. Kiesewetter-Voice lessons 
Essence  Rehearsal 3:05-3:50pm Choir Room
Choreography 3:30-4 TBA; 4-6pm Just Around Corner;  6-6:15 Trapped
Musical Vocals    Morticia, Alice 5-5:15; ALL CAST 5:30-6:15
Musical Stage-Rehearsal –6:15-9:00  Act II Sc. 3-10 and Bows?
Sat. Feb. 17 Millikin Vocal Jazz Festival  Essence   All Day
Departure from Choir Room-7:30am   $ for lunch, and dinner(?)
FT Slips due back by 2/15 to Mr. Benware    Return to MCHS by 7:15pm
Lastly, it is not to late to turn in your Spring Craft Fair Volunteer form.  
Monday will be the final pick-up day-drop them off to Choir Room by 3pm.   
Remember to sign up on the Sign Up Genius for our concert and Bake Sale help!
Thanks so much for your flexibility!  Stay safe on the roads! 
See you at the concert!
Randy Benware


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